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New additions to the Darsham Old Hall flock

Six quail hens and one male arrived last week and are now comfortably settled in their large, safe aviary that we built to house our new peacocks last year. They have already begun to lay, producing an egg each every couple of days. We’re finding many of these dotted about the long grass as they seem not so keen to lay in their specially prepared nesting box or tray of shavings. The challenge is to not stand on the eggs or the quail themselves, they are very well camouflaged in their new habitat. Apparently quail are quite quick to tame and can be handled easily, catching them may be the tricky part!

Quail are part of the pheasant family and so are classified as a game bird. Like pheasants they have the ability to fly well over a short distance and they nest on the ground. They are so good at flying that amazingly some species are even migratory spending the winter in Africa and coming back to visit.